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Got The T-Shirt: Turn Your Face

Steph Spiers was moved to write this profoundly moving poem after encountering a tragic young woman. Steph gave her sandwiches, then, not knowing what else to do, found it impossible to explain to her little boy why the woman was in such a condition.

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‘Quickly son, turn your face away.’
Don’t look at her bedraggled state
avoid that blanket’s tattered edge, stay
off that accusing begging plate,
with its lonely 2p coin.
Don’t stare with eyes so full of fright.
Oh Lord. Naked where her coat won’t join.
‘Is that the box she slept in last night?’
Please child don’t ask mommy: why?
‘Darling away now. Please don’t start.
Of course that girl won’t soon die.
Don’t be so silly my sweetheart!’


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