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Fast Fiction: Villagers

Not everyone cares for village life as Richard Mallinsonís story reveals.

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'That fellow who lives in the old rectory, what does he do?'

'Oh, he's a computer thingy ... works from home.'


'I'm not sure. There's a woman there, but whether she's his wife or not ... Why d'you ask?'

'Curiosity, mainly. I like to know what's going on in the village ... I think I'll drop in on Mr Computer Thingy . . . See you later.'


'Well, how did it go?'

'Hm, difficult to say. I rang the bell, he came to the door, I told him who I was and said I was just paying a neighbourly call and he said come in, so I went in and he shouted "Amy, we have a visitor" and that's the last I saw of him but she asked me to sit down and said, "It must be very hot out there, would you like a cold beer?" and I said yes, I would.'


'She told me she'd be moving on soon because apparently that's what she does ... lives with a chap for a year or so and then goes off to find another... "It's easy," she said, "men are always falling in love with me." And I'm not surprised. She's very sensual, very -'

'So she doesn't give a toss about the village, then?'

'Well, now that you mention it ... no, I don't think she does.'


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