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Got The T-Shirt: When A Fae Moon Is Riding High

There's Hallowe'en shivers aplenty in Steph Spiers' menacing poem.

When a full blood moon rides across the night sky
and puking newborn in their cribs do cry,
and keening wolves take up the howl,
Happenstance and Queen Mab begin a trawl.
When elves and sprits dance in wanton flight
and their innocent sacrifice bleats out in fright;
while sinful folk in a powerful dread stare on
and all around darkling shadows merge into one.

When the trickster wind begins to bluster
those wicked souls, who tremble all a fluster,
rush pell-mell, screaming, towards a bolted door;
laughing, accomplice storm adds a downpour.
Evermore the thirsty waiting moon rises higher,
its pinkish glimmer out-picking the sins of the liar,
souring the milk, poison-tainting the wine,
sending blood shivers down a goblin’s spine.


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