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Christmas Every Week: A Nice Thought

Arnold Kellett's poem reminds us that nice thoughts should be accompanied by nice actions.

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This Christmas I really must give
A substantial amount to a charity;
Just look at the way that they live
Poor devils, what shocking disparity!
What a scandalous gulf now exists
Between millions near starving to death
And well-padded people like me -
Oh, talking's a sheer waste of breath:
Action's what counts!
Where's my cheque-book?
And where did I put that address?
A hundredth of my Christmas spending
Could save some poor child in distress:
Now, I'm busy today - all this shopping -
I'll post off a nice cheque tomorrow ...
But he doesn't. . . nor next day ... nor ever,
For he's too busy drowning his sorrow
In good Christmas wining and dining,
As he feasts like a man worth his salt:
Good intentions, once more, pave the high road to Hell
And another child dies ... by default.


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