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U3A Writing: After It's Over

Here's some sound financial advice for Christmas, and all the year round, by Mick Harkin.

Christmas has come and now it's went,
I'm not broke just badly bent!
Hustle and bustle of days gone by,
tells its story in the human eye!

I sit and think a little while,
Christmas past, a gentle smile!
Then the thought hits home real hard,
gotta pay the darned bank card!

A dollar here a dollar there,
I'll pay it back, just don't despair!
But other bills are comin' in,
I've spent too much, what a sin!

The bank I know I'll have to pay,
can't forget and run away.
Re-payment due I must pay up,
I could become a real bankrupt!

I struggle on the ways not clear,
take a rest have a beer!
This won't really help the matter,
money owed bag, is getting fatter!

Borrow more to pay it back,
will really put me on the rack!
Yes I'm broke not badly bent,
bank balance zilch.
Can't pay the rent!

This is quite a truthful ditty,
common place in town or city.
Think before you spend that money,
Bein' broke it ain't real funny!


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