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U3A Writing: Another Year

Ray Harman's poem sums up a year of Maldon and District University of the Third Age activities.

Another year has passed us by
What have we done this year and why?
Our ping pong bats we waved with skill
To notch up yet another kill
For those whose skills are not yet ripe
A starter group is just in sight
The `Rivers Group` has come alive
With talks and visits near and wide
Beachcombing may not be your style
So patient be and rest a while
For tides recede at such a pace
You could be in the town`s `Mud Race`
But for those whose wants are hard to please
With `Luncheon Club` you sit at ease!
Although this may not be your choice
So `Sing For Pleasure` with good voice
Budding authors in disguise
Could maybe win the `Booker Prize`
Aviators still at large
But Mariners may prefer their barge
`Family History` bear in mind
For criminal ancestors you may find
But for those whose distant shores desire
A foreign language might inspire
So rest assured third agers do
There`s still a lot that you can do
Yours is not to reason `Why`
Join a group and do or die

An Optimist


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