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Illingworth House: Chance Child - Part One: 23 - Ordered Out Of The House

Mill owner's son John Illingworth is ordered out of a modest home by an angry father.

John Waddington-Feather continues his engaging saga of a Yorkshire mill-owning dynasty.

By the time she arrived at Prospect Street, Helen had to be carried from John Illingworth's car, for the gin had well and truly taken effect. His driving hadn't helped matters either. He had driven like a bat out of hell all the way back and she'd thrown up as soon as she'd got inside. The Gibsons had never experienced anything like it and stood dumbfounded when John helped her in.

They had been worried stiff wondering where she'd got to, for she said she was only walking to the park and back. On her way back from town, Mary Gibson had met the two gossipy spinsters who lived opposite. They'd seen Helen getting into a car with a strange man and elaborated well and truly, Mary, of course, had no idea and had gone back up the lane. Her search was fruitless and by the time Joe came in, she was in tears. When Joe discovered where Helen had been, he was beside himself with anger.

Mary took her sister straight upstairs to her bedroom, leaving John Illingworth trying to explain what had happened, but the more he said, the angrier Joe became. "Tha'rt nowt but a bloody playboy, like thy father, and Ah'm noan having thee messing about wi'my lass," he ranted. He towered over John with clenched fists and looked as if he was going to set into him at any moment. "Ah suppose tha thinks thisen a bloody gentleman 'at can do owt tha wants, but I tell thee, if tha were my lad Ah'd gi' thee a bloody good hiding for bringing hoam a lass like this, an' tha can tell that to thi father frae me. Tell him he hasn't browt thee up right an' Aah'd have thowt he'd ha' known better. If tha as much as looks at ahr Helen again, Ah'll break thi bloody neck!" Then he ordered young Illingworth out of the house before he could say another word.

He didn't stay to argue. Joe was past reason. He never was where the Illingworths were concerned. So John simply apologised again and left the house, glad to get into his car. More was to come when he arrived home.


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