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Fast Fiction: Fair Figure

Marge is a lady who is well-endowed in both senses, as Richard Mallinsonís story reveals.

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'A fair figure,' said Fred, as they drank at the hotel bar.

'The money or Marge?' said Jack.

'Ha, ha ... let's say she's well-endowed in both senses.'

'Is well-endowed one word or two?'

'It should be hyphenated, of course.'

'You're just a pedant. . . Now what?'

'Another session with Marge, I think, while we're on a roll.'

'Look, she's with somebody ... a younger woman.'

'Hm, so she is ... let's go over.'

'Hullo, boys, nice to see you again,' said Marge. 'This is Edna, my best friend. We've known each other for ... Edna this is Fred and this is Jack, two gents who sleep at this hotel, so to speak.'

'Well, ladies, what are you having to drink?'

'Ooh,' said Edna, 'I like that... he calls us ladies and mentions drink in the same breath. I think you're my kind of guy, Jack, or is it Fred? I've forgotten already. But you're both very handsome.'

'And don't they know it,' gurgled Marge. 'Anyway, I'll have the usual . .. and she'll have the same . . . she always does.'

'Oh, does she now?' said Fred, guessing that Edna wouldn't be able to afford the fee (and he was right).


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