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Around The Sun: Hard Head

Steve Harrison tells of a violent night in a Cambodian hotel.

Some drunken Khmer guy in a rage drove his car into the front door of the hotel, smashing the door frame. The security guards did nothing. I told them if the guy ever came back he had to pay damages.

At 3 am on a Thursday morning |I was sound asleep when the guards called me. The guy was back in the bar. I dragged myself downstairs. The guy had three mates with him. My four security guards were with me.

I put my arm on the guy's shoulder. He pormptly smashed me over the head with a full beer glass.


Blood spurted everywhere. I could not see for blood. When I came to my senses the guy had gone. Guess what my security guards did. Nothing! They stood and watched as he and his guys cleared off.

I went to see Gloria, our resident Australian doctor. "Ah,'' she said "I don't need an X-ray. I can see your skull and it isn't fractured.''

She inserted eight stiches and I had a sore head for a while.

Just as well I had a hard head in Cambodia.


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