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Got The T-Shirt: Lost In Wonder

Steph Spiers' poem reminds us that writers are tormented souls, hovering between reality and their own invented worlds.

For more of Steph's memorable poems please click on http://www.openwriting.com/archives/got_the_tshirt/

Another copy-book blot!
Fiction: where the line between reality and plot
often blurs; imagined scenarios blend
into an author’s everyday normality. Lend
today to another life: writers: acting out
in character, failing to live up to expectations. Shout!

Role play can be dangerous.
Role play can change relationships.
Role play can destroy life in real-time.

That fine line between sanity and virtual-existence
wiggles, and those on the sidelines with persistence
watch aghast: forwards and back at complete loss,
in open-mouthed amazement at transgressions which cross
that boundary: expected norms of behaviour
meaningless, in the virtual universe of the heroic saviour.

Writers: tormented souls. Straddling a fence.
Doomed, to be forever watching out for
unkindly doses of fading reality.


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