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U3A Writing: A Brief Encounter

Dharini Parameshwaran tells of a most painful brief encounter.

With an exclamation of surprise, Margot stood still as she watched the lone figure of a girl walking towards her.

"I could recognise that figure and that walk anywhere though I haven't set eyes on them for the last ten years," she thought. She was only a young six years, and now my little girl is growing up and turning so pretty. I have missed the pleasure and joy of being with her and watching her grow through all the childhood pain and tantrums, into the attractive, self-possessed young woman."

"Why did I listen to the family when I was given the option of giving my baby up for adoption at birth, or leaving the family home with my baby and never to return again? I was too young and too ashamed of myself to make the right decision and now my lovely daughter will never know who her mother really is," she thought so sadly.

"Excuse me Madam," she said very softly as she approached me, "I'm a visitor here and I am trying to locate a grocery store. Is there one around this area?"

"Oh yes, there are a few stores if you keep walking, then take the first turn left and you will come across them as you keep walking. They are all well stocked with fresh goods and you should be able to purchase your requirements."

"Thank you very much for the information. Have a good day," and she was off leaving Margot looking after her till she was well out of sight.

With tears trickling down her cheeks, she turned and walked back home, regretting the unforgivable mistake made in her callout year.

The brief encounter would be etched in her mind for the rest of her life.


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