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Got The T-Shirt: Blood Of The Lambs?

...Vicious panic-driven epidemic ensues
driven by men infected by their ignorance...

Steph Spiers brings a powerful poetic condemnation of those who abuse children as they seek a "cure'' for the great scourge of our time - AIDS.

Sub-Sahara and elsewhere: infection spreads
the ancient myth endures: carnal knowledge
of a virgin child will cure HIV and Aids. How similar: Georgian gentlemen raping to death a foundling, ‘for would surely melt away ‘the pox’.’ A good trade in the Molly houses!

Blood of the innocent to save the ravaged syphilitic: last hope of terrified philanders gazing at mortality.
And still babes and infants are put to torture,
violated and infected: destined to die horribly.
Vicious panic-driven epidemic ensues
driven by men infected by their ignorance.

Innocent offspring offered up to sacrifice
of myth and superstition: too afraid of western medicine, too ashamed to tell their wives of misdemeanours. Child slaves sold off to suffer in such cruelty
desperate mothers ridding unwanted brood-kin,
one-by-one as starvation beckons with its long bony fingers.

Victims’ young lives deformed and shortened.
Shamen shake their bones, chant their songs, spreading the ‘cure’ of rape and death. Aids spreads rife in Sub-Sahara and elsewhere. Myths and folklore know no boundary. Myths and ‘old wives’ tales’ follow settlement.

Myths live in hearts and minds and have no logic.


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