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Christmas Every Week: Dies Natalis

Dies Natalis Sous Invicti - The Day of the Birth of the Unconquered Sun

But was December 25th the birth day of the Saviour. Arnold Kellett's poem raises the question - and poses a task.
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The Twenty-Fifth day of December
A date so good to remember,
So firmly fixed m every mind,
To question it would seem unkind:
Yet if we take a careful look
Within the proper Christmas Book,
We find the Gospel writers state
No month or day of any date,
And we, in fact, have borrowed this
From pagan Roman revelries,
From Saturnalia's highest jinks,
For when the sun its lowest sinks,
And winter's solstice has begun,
They bring to birth the dying sun,
The Twenty-Fifth, the joyous feast,
For well-fed man and fattened beast,
For topsy-turvy drunken revels,
With Bacchus, Mithras, gods and devils,
A Roman carnival - no more,
And of one thing I am quite sure:
Though this - or any date - will do
To give to Christ the glory due,
Unless we work our utmost will
The Twenty-Fifth is pagan still.


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