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North American Dreaming: Dress Up

William Burkholder's poem affirms that there are many ways of assessing character.

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The miracle,
The curse?
Searching for that exacting distinction
Of my significance upon others.

Assumption dictates that it lies
In the eye of the beholder,
Those that listen, or read,
With keen ear and eye,

Doubting at times,
My vision,
Lifting myself to the next rung on the ladder,

Always aware of the height,
Ever mindful of the possible fall,
The assured bounce at the bottom.
Opinion, viewpoint, narrow alleys,

No quarter given to disparate view,
Such are the things of destructions fall.
That we blindly see with one set of eyes,
None of us are built that way.

We have many,


The list goes on.
Search the soul’s trunk
For your eyes.

Try them all on.
In your fitting room of the heart,
Play dress up,

Wear those,
That are most important.


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