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Got The T-Shirt: It Must Be Spring!

As Spring begins to burst forth there's the threat of violence in the air, as Steph Spiers' poem reveals.

For more of Steph's poetry please click on http://www.openwriting.com/archives/got_the_tshirt/

On cherry-buds the brambling and the blue tit feast,
and fight, giving no quarter and taking not the least.
Sentinel on the holly bush stands the robin
alone and solitary. His loud throaty sobbing
threatens the interloping chaffinch,
‘Do you fancy your chances in a clinch?’
puffs out his scarlet ready to give combat.
Tiny warrior! Who’s been known to take on the cat.
Two blackbirds soar in mock battle from a rustic peak
‘Catch me, catch me,’ calls a caustic yellow beak.
In the icy pond reeds frogs are gathering,
bulbous, beady eyes missing nothing.
All a scurry in the green-house
the bevy of the black-nosed mouse
smelling, with their washed bewhiskered snouts,
the great outdoors as it beckons and shouts,
‘It must be Spring!’


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