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Ee By Gum Lord!: T Lord's Prayer

Arnold Kellett translates the simplest, the most powerful, the most direct of all Christian prayers into his native Broad Yorkshire.

To purchase a copy of Arnold’s wonderful book Ee By Gum, Lord! please click here http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_ss_b?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=Ee+By+Gum%2C+Lord%21&x=10&y=23
For a glossary of Yorkshire words please click on http://www.openwriting.com/archives/2008/12/introduction_an_1.php

'Sither at yon Pharisees!', said Jesus ter t' disciples one day. 'Allus sayin' the'r prayers i' public — standin' up an' prayin' aht lahd i' t' synagogue an' at t' street corners! The' mak a reight song an' dance abaht it. It's as if the' want ter let fowk see the're summat special.’

'Nay, lads! T' best sooart o' prayer is what's done i' secret. So when tha prays, go up inter thi cham'er — an' shut t' dooar. An' t' Fatther Almighty, 'oo sees iwerything done i' secret, 'll answer thi prayers aht i' t' oppen.'

'Aye, Lord. But what should wi say in wer prayers?' one on 'em axed 'im. 'Wi dooan't knaw 'ah ter set abaht it, like.'

'Well', said Jesus, 'fust of all tha mun talk ter t' Almighty same as tha talks to a fatther 'oo luvs 'is childer. But allus remember tha's talkin' ter t' Creator of'eaven an' earth, nut an earthly fatther. So tha mun show respect, an' all — pray wi' dignity an' say nowt 'at's ower-familier.'

'Then tha mun pray fer t' comin' of 'is Kingdom — an' only when tha's done that can tha fashion to ax 'im fer t' things tha needs. An' tha mun pray fer fergiveness fer all t' wrong tha's done — an' all t' gooid tha's been too idle ter do. An' at t' same time, say tha'll fergive all t' fowk 'at 'ave done owt wrong ter thee. Reight fair — tha can't expect t' Almighty to ower-look all thy sins if tha weean't fergive fowk thissen.'

'Nah then. This isn't a set o' words ter learn bi 'eart an' rattle off t' same as yon Pharisees do. This is a sooart o' pattern, like
— just ter gi'e thi an idea. An't' prayer Ah've telled thi abaht could go summat like this:

Ahr Fatther, 'oo art in 'Eaven,
Let thy name bi shown respect,
Let thy Kingdom come abaht —
An what tha wants doin, Lord, let it bi done —
'Ere on earth
Same as up yonder;
Gi'e us each day
Summat to eyt an' sup;
An' let us off, Lord,
If we've offended Thee bi doin owt wrong —
An' 'elp us nut to 'od grudges
Agen other fowk
If the've done owt to offend us;
An keep us aht o' t' rooad o' temptation,
An' aht o' f clutches of Owd Nick,
Fer it's all thine is t' Kingdom, Lord,
An' all t’ Pahr, an' all t' Glooary,
Fer ivver an' ivver ...
Aye! It is that!


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