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Thai Girl Tattle: Wires On My Pillow

Andrew Hicks suggests that with modern technology it is hard to opt out of the world as it now is.

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When I used go to the seaside I'd take a bucket and spade and my brilliant Pentax SLR camera that did exactly what you told it to do and which had a tiny battery that lasted at least a year. And we used to send things called 'postcards'.

Now there's digital cameras that burn power like crazy, mobile phones so you can't escape whatever you've run away from and intrusive email via mobile and laptop.

And is my new digital world a happier place?

In my hut on Koh Chang I look at our bed and my pillow partner is a tangle of technology. There's four different battery chargers, loads of phones and gizmos and a thousand things to go wrong.

Okay so I'm a bit of a technophobe. Like blogging it's all wonderful when it works
but misery when it doesn't.

It's hard though to opt out of the world as it now is. They might all call me a dinosaur!


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