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Around The Sun: A Rolling Stones Fan

Listening to the Rolling Stones brings Steve Harrison to metaphysical thought.

I thought it could never happen. Right now i am wearing cams - headphones - listening to the Rolling Stones. My missus lies there in bed, unaware of what is going on between my ears and the drama in my heart.

I was brought up at the time when you either liked the Beatles and were called a mod, or you liked the Stones and were a rocker. There was no compromise. You chose which side you were on, then stuck with it. The movie Quadrophenia, featuring The Who's music, emphasised the difference between the two sides.

A guy came into the Temple bar tonight with a selection of Rolling Stones albums on MP3. Im copying those albums right now. I am enjoying every minute of it.

Back then mods were identifiable by their desert boots and duffle coats. Mods wore brothel creepers and leather jackets. The world has moved on. The Berlin wall came down, and so too has the invisible wall dividing the two camps.

My woman sleeps soundly. I am fired up by beer and "devil'' music. I want to go out and do filthy things to girls in short skirts. I love my girl, but this is Cambodia, the wild, wild East where anything goes.

I could just go off to bed, satisfied that I have developed an unexpected relationship with the Rolling Stones. The music of the Stones is stark, earthy. I am aware of its inspiration. I can name the influences which produced it. You have to admire the journey on which their music took them. Am I jealous? No. Each one of us will do our final dance alone. standing before God's judgement seat.

I am nearing the end of my book. My Once Around The Sun book. It is the only book I have inside of me. It has come to life and taken on its own identity. It has woken me in the night, taken me on forgotten journies, allowed me to relive some of the highlights of my life.

My woman sleeps on. I am in wonderland, a little drunk, aware of where to go to have a good time.

Once Around The Sun has been a spiritual as well as a physical journey. It all started with drugs and rockn roll, and now I am back in much the same place. The drugs are different, but the effect is the same. So too the music.

I am a human lizard. I have shed my skin many times. I am not the same person that I was in the era of mods and rockers. I continue to evolve. I will go once more around the sun...


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