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Around The Sun: A Walk In My Library

Steve Harrison points to the best way to live a life.

The mind is like a parachute. It only works when its open.

So here I am walking through a library, searching for books, thinking that one day I will come back to read this and that. I am in a huge room, trying to see everything, making mental notes.

When I eventually leave the room I find, to my dismay, there are hundreds of similar rooms requiring me to check them out. I go from room to room, systematically noting books which I will one day read.

This is exhausting work. I am overwhelmed by the diversity of books and the need to make choices. This is like running through quicksand. Time is fleeing. I realise that no matter how long I live I will not have enough time to return to those rooms and read all the books I noted.

After years of wandering through these imaginary book rooms I am ready to make a decision. I will pick up the first book that really interests me. Instead of moving on, I will read it. I will savour it, instead of rushing off to find another book.

I will enjoy the moment, instead of rushing off to find a new experience.

Life is a journey, not a destination. Life is here and now. It isn't the past. That is merely memories. It isn't the future. That is hopes and dreams.

This millisecond which I experience is the only time which really exists.


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