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Got The T-Shirt: Blighted Blighty

The inimitable Steph Spiers pens a "green'' poem which will hopefully jab many an official conscious.

To read more of Steph's to-the-point poems please click on http://www.openwriting.com/archives/got_the_tshirt/

Do dim green light bulbs really work
or are we all going blind in gloomy-murk?
Is veggy salad really ever a trend setter,
swapping cheesy burgers for rocket and feta?
When a wobbly size 22 is now the norm
and cross-your-heart bras are going down a storm.
Turn off standby: what a joke
whoever came up with that one was a bloke!
Spent chip fat running bespoke four by fours
how long before oil-conversion's on statute laws?
Melting arctic glaciers not much fun 'tis true
nor congestion charges to clear air that's blue,
but, if solar panels would catch the sun
why are they so pricy? Sort it out! Come on!
'n if rooftop copper heats up cold water
didn't we, shouldn't we, really aughta
have pipes slapped up on the roof of every home
as ubiquitous as a garden gnome?
Blue bins, green bins, purple bins and brown
mar the street corners in every town.
Pavement junk-food debris rots amidst vomit stains
and removing chewing gum defies the best of brains.
Plastic boxes and cardboard cartons pile up high
a mountain of rubbish, rises, kissing the sky
as landfill sites finally give up the ghost
the stink of corruption drifts breezily off the coast.
Ahhh . . . to be leaving England's
green(ish) unpleasantly smelling land.
Eco-Warriors are right; bless their all-seeing eyes,
a kick in the pants would pull us down to size!
Stop griping and bitching and pulling faces,
get off lazy butts and stop scratching places
unseen by others
except by girlfriends, or our mothers,
for England Expects - so heed the call
and switch that light off in the hall . . .


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