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Kiwi Konexions: Gethsemane

Glen Taylor, who knows the pain of recently losing a loved one, brings us this compassionate Good Friday poem.

In the garden of Gethsemane,
Upon that fateful day
Our lord bade his disciples
To simply, “Watch and pray.”

Alone within the olive grove
At the closing of that day
He begged his heavenly father
To take the cup away.

“Yet not my will, but thine be done,”
Was his anguished prayer
As in his human form he feared
The pain which he would bear.

So many folk, within this world
Lie in Gethsemane.
Alone, afraid and suffering.
They simply, “Watch and pray.”

Dear Lord above give us the strength
To share, with them, their pain
And by their side, hold out our hand
And with them, “Watch and pray.”

And when I reach my olive grove
Grant, Lord, that I will find
Your eyes on mine, your hands outstretched
To, with me, “Watch and pray.”


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