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Got The T-Shirt: Heritage: Going . . . Going . . . GONE!

Steph Spiers was moved to write this poem on hearing the news that some English universities were dropping history courses.

They’ve ceased discussing History,
in the red-brick university.
The Bard’s ‘To be or not to be?’
too non-PC apparently.

If bearded undergraduate don’t hear of every past mistake,
and lessons learn and errors make,
burning midnight oil when eyes do ache,
so canst appreciate verily true from tawdry fake.

The board of sage Dons from on high
determined in wisdom: ‘But Why Oh Why?’
Leaving dusty tomes sleeping long years to lie
unopened! Fragile heritage for sure will slowly die!

No more Henry! No more Bess!
Forgotten Cromwell and all his mess.
Cousin Mary’s gone too and all head-less
But I never liked her anyway! I must confess!


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