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Christmas Every Week: Last Post

In Arnold Kellett's poem a late-delivered Christmas card stays a far more Christian act.


No Christmas card this year from someone I care for;
No wonder I'm asking the why and the wherefore:
A Christmas card signature hastily penned
Can keep in repair the bond with a friend;
How much we rely on this annual link
Mass-printed messages, endorsed in ink!

When was the last time I properly wrote
More than the minimal Christmas card note?
Or when did I visit - or talk on the phone?
What shameful neglect - and how time has flown!
Is it coolness - or illness? Could someone have died?
Is it lost in the post, submerged in the tide -

The Christmas-tide oceans of millions of cards
With their curt, unread tokens of seasonal regards?
No more! I shall make one New Year resolution:
Through a personal visit I'll seek absolution -
What's that? It's the card - last post, Christmas Eve!
The sense of relief I can hardly believe:
Relief just to see that familiar scrawl -
And to know that I shan't have to visit at all!


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