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Open Features: Life Boys Are Living In

Tresor Kabeya brings us a slice of South African life.

There was four guys in town. One was a player of girls; one did not know how to propose to girls and was ageing and one’s attitude was acting like a pastor.

Sunday morning and it was time for the movies. The guys were all sleeping in one bed in the gang-boy’s room. The player wakes up and goes to the bathroom to clean up. He takes so long in there that when the gang-boy also wakes up and wants to go, he starts knocking on the door and shouting. The player yells, “Don’t you know there’s somebody in here?” and meekly saying “Sorry,” the gang-boy waits a while. But after a few minutes he tries again and knocks really hard.

The player says, “F--- you, man” and the gang-boy says to him, “Get your ass out man, I can’t wait any longer.”

Then the player comes out and says “F--- you, you punk,” looking into his eyes.

The gang-boy yells, “What you saying?” but the player walks past him and opens the door to the house. Then the gang-boy grabs his shirt and punches him in the face.

“Why you punching me for?” he yells.

And the gang-boy says, “In my own house you want to insult me!”

And the player says, “Because of your house, because we sleep here! You treat us like pigs.”

Then the gang-boy says, “Shut up”.

When the two guys sleeping in the room hear the yelling coming from the bathroom they wake up.

One calls, “Bernard, what you doing?”

The other says, “That’s Peter and Justin’s voices.’’ and James says “Yeah, Yeah” and they run to the bathroom and find their friends holding each other by their shirts.

The gang-boy says, “If you think you’re a player you can come and start playing with me! If you play with me I will send you to hell. You are lucky because you are my friend. But let me tell you that if you make a move playing with other people’s daughters and sisters, one day you will pay the price. There’s some people who don’t like nosiness on their properties. You betta be careful.”

Then the player said, “Shut up, and what about you and what you are doing? You think what you are doing is right? Going around and robbing people is right?”

Then the gang-boy was checking around to see if there’s anyone listening and he just walks away and goes inside the house.

The others followed, with the two guys trying to console them, with James talking to Justin and saying, “Fighting is not a solution of anything, you know!”

“Shut up,” said the pastor.

Then the next day Justin and his girlfriend Janet were together. Her brother did not want to see them together but he was pretending he did. That day Justin went to see Janet where she stays in Yeoville. He lived in Observatory and when he reached there he takes out his cellphone and calls her.

Justin: Hi Baby.... Are you home?

Janet: Yes, I’m at home.

Justin: Oh, baby! Please come outside. I miss you so much.

Janet: I miss you too...
Then there was Janet’s brother who she was living with. He was sitting on the couch fixing his things and the \tv was on and he was watching a soccer match. The brother looked at her when she said I miss you too, and they bumped each other’s eyes.

Then Janet said, “Just wait two minutes for me, I’m coming” and she went out to meet Justin. They walked to the park...

(To be continued...)


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