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Fast Fiction: Memoirs

Some memoirs are likely to be more sensational than others, as Richard Mallinsonís story reveals. To read more of Richardís fast fiction please click on http://www.openwriting.com/archives/fast_fiction/

'There's nobody in,' I said after I'd rung the bell several times.

'That's odd,' said Hetty, who was from the Salvation Army. 'She's usually in at this time of day.'

'Perhaps she has visitors?'

'Visitors? Oh, no. She doesn't know many people.'

I rang the bell again. 'But she used to, didn't she?'

Hetty hesitated. 'Well, yes, she knew lots of people in London.'

'Wasn't she in the papers for something or other?'

' Ye-es, they did write about her . . . You see, she and a friend set out to, er, seduce as many MPs as they could . . . just for the fun of it.'

'Good god! How many did they manage?'

'I think it must have been into, er, double figures . .. '

'And then she came to live here? . . . And what happened to her
friend? . . . Ah, wait a minute . .. somebody's coming to the door.'

'Hullo, Tenita,' said Hetty when the door opened. Gazing out at us was a slim, dark-haired smiling woman.

'This is Bill, the plumber I told you about,' Hetty said to her.

'Oh, hullo, Bill, come in,' she said. 'Excuse all the papers and things, I'm writing my memoirs.'

'You're doing what?' gasped Hetty.


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