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North American Dreaming: Victory's Refrain

William Burkholder's poem wishes the blessings of Nature upon you.

Do visit Bill's well-stocked Web site http://www.freewebs.com/nirvanasgate/index.htm

May the sun warm your heart
And restore your soul,

May the doves of providence
Touch your eye's to see,
Glorious visions of wellness.

May your blood flow in the strong
path of the Wolfe's domain,.
and carry you to mountain peak,

To commune with Sister hawk,
Brother bear sings to you
of honey golden days,

To rise above this malady.
To heaven's warming rays.

Peace to your soul,
Blessings to your body,
Strength to your heart,
Clarity to your mind.

Strength to you as the elk,
Victory's refrain.


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