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Christmas Every Week: A Christmas Carol

Arnold Kellet writes the following carol to be sung to the tune: Benevento.

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Christians, sing and shout for joy!
Life begins in Bethlehem,
Blooms within this baby boy,
Flower of Jesse's noble stem,
Rose of Sharon, Prince of Peace,
All the grandest names are his,
All the honours heaven affords:
King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

Where, then, is the royal birth?
In a stable, dark and crude;
Walls of rock and floor of earth,
Unhygienic solitude;
Mary's love and Joseph's awe
Warm the babe amidst the straw;
How the Pharisees would scoff:
Cradled in a cattle-trough!

Amazing, unpretentious grace!
From the richest realms of bliss,
From beyond all time and space,
Humbled to be born like this!
How he stooped that he might be
Clothed in flesh and frailty:
Christ the common earth once trod
Image of the hidden God.

Crowded from the busy inn,
Hounded south by Herod's men,
Burdened by the Cross of Sin,
Jesus was rejected then;
But we sing his welcome now,
Low before his cradle bow,
In our thankful hearts,
O Lord, Shall your Advent be adored.


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