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Donkin's World: Buzz Off

Richard Donkin tells of an unwelcomed house guest.

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Awoke to the buzzing of a wasp this morning - opened the window wider, saw it escape and went back to bed only to be awoken again by another wasp, then another and another. They seemed to be leaving at regular intervals like jets from an aircraft carrier.

Inspecting the corner of the room, I found a perfect golf ball-sized nest dangling from the curtain pelmet. There was just the one wasp, coming and going. It must have made the nest over the weekend when we were away. After it flew off once more I removed the nest and closed all the bedroom windows. Sure enough, the wasp was soon back, butting the window pain.

Undeterred, it went to the next open window it could find and I could hear John clearing it out of his room. Apparently the wasp was a queen building its first nest. Left alone the nest would have become progressively larger. Hopefully it will find somewhere else to make its home.


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