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Christmas Every Week: Christians Awake!

Arnold Kellett’s poem revivies memories of the joy of caroling.

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A muffled assembling
On Christmas Eve:
Glimmers of torchlight,
A lantern held high,
As we stood by the cottage
Under star-frosted sky,
Waiting for midnight;
Our traditional first carol
A surprise long-expected -
On the first stroke of twelve:
'Christians, awake!'
Then on to wake others
All over the village,
Proclaiming a Saviour
To welcoming windows,
Invited indoors
For cake and mince pies
And hospitable warmth;
Then carolling forth
In the chill early hours . . .
Well, sleep through your Christmas,
But let me re-capture
That wide-awake rapture,
The tingle of singing
That all for our sake
The Christ-child is born,
As we set the stars ringing
With'Hail! Smiling Morn!'
And the rare, youthful relish
Of Christians .. . awake!


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