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Fast Fiction: Dan Trepson

Richard Mallinson’s tale confirms that you should watch your words when queing to go into the cinema.

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The plump man in front of me in the cinema queue turned round, tapped himself on the chest, and said, 'Do you remember me?'

'No, I'm afraid I don't,' I said.

'Well,' he said, 'I'm Dan Trepson.'

'Dan Trepson?'

'Yes, doesn't that name mean anything to you?'

'Hm, yes, it does if you're the Dan Trepson who used to live in Worthing . 'But surely he died years ago?'

'Oh, no, he didn't. He simply went missing and now it's natural, after all these years, for people to think he's dead. But as you can see he's still very much alive, isn't he? . .. Now, tell me, do you think he's changed a lot?'

'Yes, of course he has,' I said. 'The last time I saw him he was a skinny 18-year-old and he'd just got young Sally Hutton pregnant. And then he scarpered.... broke her heart.'

'Nonsense, she was probably glad to see the back of him ... In any case, I bet she soon recovered, didn't she? ... Do you know what became of her? ... Did she have the baby?'

I put my arm round the woman at my side.

'Why doesn't he ask her?' I said.


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