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North American Dreaming: Garden Wagon

William Burkholder envies children at play with the garden wagon which he built.

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And do visit his well-stocked Web site http://www.freewebs.com/nirvanasgate/index.htm

I built it,
A mock conveyance,
It's only passengers,
Hay bale's, flowers,
And occasional foraging squirrels.
Wheels taken from gas carts,
Stored wood,
From garage rafters,
A can of green paint,
Changing in mid stroke to black
It looked better black,
More rustic somehow,
Trim stiffeners painted copper,
Children down the street
Pictures taken by Mom and Dad on evening walks,
I sitting on my stoop
Watching the youngsters play
Imaginations running, riding hell bent
On garden wagon,
Wishing that I was their passenger
Rather than the builder
Of this conveyance.


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