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U3A Writing: Just Sittin

Mick Harkin sits and broods.

Aint got no money aint got no friends
just sittin on the sand bar till the long day ends.
People in the city rush around all day long,
I sit and watch the water wend its placid way along.
There are changes in the river as it rises and it falls,
not like me just sittin here nothing interests me at all.
Just sittin like a statue gazin deeply into mist,
is this the way I'm gunner live,
will I go round the twist?
What is this life about me, should it be ignored?
Still sittin on the sand bar as I've always sat before!
Is it solitude I'm seeking?
sure there's more to life than this,
start a new day, turn a new page
a new life does exist!


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