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Poetry Pleases: Like Sand Through Fingers

Edward Spiers' poem highlights the fragility of a human life - and the worthwhile and enduring wonder of a well-constructed poem.

Struggling to breathe, with desperation's hands around my neck,
this ship is sinking, and the captainís still on deck.
Choking on my options, my mind draws a complete blank,
this soldierís just been shell shocked, and youíre driving the tank.

My thoughts race through me, and I lose the ability to concentrate
like an ambulance caught in traffic, turning up 10 minutes late.
A cold rush sweeps through my body, and I fall onto my knees
a pilotís last speech to the passengers, as the plane heads for trees.

Hands stiffen by my sides, and the thought of you vacates my mind
like a man so passionate about photography, suddenly going blind,
and my last words go unnoticed, as I leave this mortal shell,
as a doctor informs the next of kin, the surgery didnít go well.


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