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Christmas Every Week: Nativity Play

Arnold Kellett’s poem raises the question: will those innocent children taking part in a nativity play remember its message in later years?

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It does make you think, a Nativity Play!
How charming the children! And some folk would say
All innocent, too, angelic, monastic . . .
But those humble Shepherds will soon be bombastic,
And the three generous Kings,
with offerings most rare,
Might grow up tight-fisted!
Who knows if they'll care
About worship and prayer
and devotion to God?
Our modern Wise Men
think such things quite odd .. .
On the other hand,
Herod might turn out quite well -
And those dear little Angels -
could give us all hell!
Will Joseph stay gentle,
and noble, and strong?
And Mary a Virgin?
Oh, I wonder how long!
Only the Baby will stay
just the same:
Familiar Stranger!
The Saviour who came
To share with poor mortals
a life now secure
From chances and changes -
all loving and pure
And innocent, too, if we follow his way -
A doll in a manger. But he's here to stay;
And when these sweet children are soured by age,
Will they turn for refreshment to this simple stage,
And glimpse through the cataract-blurrings of time
The clear, shining eyes of themselves - in their prime?


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