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Poetry Pleases: Searching

Miriam McAtee’s poem epitomizes the ache, the longing for a loved one who has departed.

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Wraithlike dreams of happy times long gone
Sadly disappearing at dawn.
On waking tears are wet on my cheeks
WE can never be again
but for You I’ll always long

Fading footsteps in the sand
soft rustle of leaves when there is no wind.
A ripple in a calm quiet sea
a feathery kiss on my cheek or on my hand

The momentary brightening of a star
ethereal fingers of wind through my hair.
Shadowy movements in the corner of our room
faint lament, sighing, soughing from afar.

A frail waspish cloud gone in a twinkle from a deep blue sky
A falling star on a lonely moonlight night.
Wafting scent of a favourite flower
Fulgurating, flickering shadow flitting by.

In dreams and in the dawning of day
everywhere for you I search
And failing, I cry.
But yearning gives me hope,
though I know there is no hope of a reply
as softly I whisper:

“Was that You, my Love…... passing by?”

Miriam McAtee May 2009


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