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Open Features: The Cave At Lascaux

In this story based on an hisorical event, Mary Clemons tells of the discovery of the most famous of all Paleolithic cave paintings.

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The high pitched whistle bounced among the boulders then faded to silence. Marcel gave his friend Jacques a frown.

“I told you not to throw the ball up there. Robot will chase a ball without thinking of anything else.”

Jacques shouted, “Here Robot! Here boy!”

From somewhere up the hill, a muffled bark reached the boys. They raced toward the sound whistling and calling. Their friends George and Simon followed them.

Down a hole they could see Robot bouncing and wagging, still holding the ball.

“Looks like he’s alright.” Marcel said relieved.

“But, how are we going to get him out. It’s too deep.”

“I can run to the house and get some rope and lanterns,” Simon offered.

Marcel and Jacques stayed to comfort Robot. When the others returned, they secured the rope.

“He’s my dog, and he trusts me. I’ll go down and get him.”

They lowered the lit lantern first, and then Marcel went down. Instead of grabbing Robot, he raised the lantern and stared at the walls.

“You’ll never believe this. There are pictures on the walls.”

“Pictures?” George hurried down the rope. “They’re cave paintings. Just like the ones in my book about Paleolithic painters.”


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