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Poetry Pleases: The Song of the Birds

Here are more words from John Ayling who, when he retired from full-time church work, wrote a poem every day for his beloved wife Winifred.

I thought I heard a little bird
Singing in the spinney
And as he sang I thought I heard
“Winifred, dear Winnie.”

Though some may say I was distrait
To claim that this I heard
I still believe, let come what may,
'Twas “Winnie” sang that bird.

The sun descends: the daylight ends
Now nightingales are singing:
And their praise to heaven ascends
My love's name is ringing.

She is so wonderful and kind,
So beautiful and sweet
There is no other of mankind
That I more long to meet.

All those who know her would agree
My dear wife is a darling
Her love means all the world to me -
“Amen” calls the starling.

And so, through little birds I tell
Of you who are my life,
My heart, my joy, my pride as well,
My dear, most loving wife.


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