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U3A Writing: Welcome Baby

Vera Sanderson sends a poetic welcome to a new arrival in the family.

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The blossom fills the treetops
The sunshine greets the morn
The winter's gone and spring has sprung
What a wonderful time to be born!

We welcome your speedy arrival
To the arms of our admirable pair
Adonis himself you will rival
Blue-eyed and golden of hair

A blessed long life will be your fortune
Be healthy, be wealthy, be wise
Be born with the gift of the silver spoon
And the stars never fade from your eyes

May the world be your oyster to plunder
Every cliff, every shore, every sea
May you view it with awe and with wonder
And mind that is open and free

Go forth to your destiny gladly
Greet this world full of love and of joy
Grasp at its happiness madly
For the future is yours little boy....


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