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North American Dreaming: Left Handed Shackle

William Burkholder's poem emphasises that we are all shackled by time and the requirements of social compliance.

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It never really ends,
From the day I was dropped
Into life's embrace;
Scheduled and diapered, bathed, and fed.
Off to school, then work;
Meetings, appointments, dinner dates.
Playing tag with the hands on this left handed shackle.
Some have been cheap Timex wannabe gold,
Others silver with indiglo gimmick.
Time, ticking, dragging me by my hand
Into scheduled gotta be there holes;
Shackled, chained to this thing of incarcerated ticking,
Forcing me to comply.
For it is said,
That is the way of things
Compliance, quota quo.
Meet the schedule,
Be there on time,
Canít be late,
The time is now!
Ticking, my left wrist chafed and raw,
Being dragged and pushed,
By a sense of societal compliance,
And a battery operated bauble.


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