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U3A Writing: Mobile Phone

Ivy Emmerson tells of a reason to stay alive.

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The Mobile Phone! What an ingenious gadget it is. I have never possessed one before. Now, I am all for a challenge, and considering the fact that I am nearly past my use by date, and in an aged care facility, I decided to get a mobile phone.

"Go for it Mum", says number one daughter, "I will show you how it works.''

After getting permission from the aged care home, we set off to the Telstra shop and I chose a little phone that my old eyes could make out the numbers and other things on it. The salesman took us into a cubicle and said "Let's see if you have enough points.''

"Points!'' I said, looking at him amazed.

"Don't worry," says daughter, "It is what happens these days. If you have enough identification on you which mount up to the required number of points, it will be okay"

"Have you a drivers licence?"


"Credit card?"

"No" I have blown it, I thought. Then I was asked if I had my birth certificate, which I had. So with my Medicare card and bank key card I got the required number of points to obtain my mobile.

As we left the shop my daughter said "Are you alright Mum? You have a strange look on your face."

"I have just realised love, I have got to stay alive for the next two years to pay for the damned thing."

Whereupon we looked at each other and burst into laughter.

"You'll be right," she said, "knowing you."


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