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Fast Fiction: On The Bus

Some women hear what they want to hear, as Richard Malinson's story reveals.

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'Whoever you are, stop talking to me,' said the woman on the bus.

I looked up from the book I was reading. 'I beg your pardon? I
said stiffly.

'Whoever you are, stop talking to me,' the woman repeated.

'But I wasn't talking to you ... I was reading.'

'No, you were definitely talking to me.'

'All right then,' I said, closing the book, 'what did I say?'

'You said you found me very attractive and could you take me for
a gin and tonic when we reach town.'

'Did I really say that?'

'Of course. You don't think I made it up, do you?'

'Well, I don't usually talk to strange women on buses.'

'Oh, so now you think I'm a strange woman, do you?'

'Well, it's only a manner of speaking ... don't take it too

'No, you're right. I won't... After all, you wouldn't invite a strange
woman for a gin and tonic, would you? Not somebody of your status .. .
I mean, you're a retired military man, aren't you?'

'Actually,' I said with a sober laugh, 'I used to work in a tax office,
which usually puts an end to all further - '

'Oh, it won't stop me,' the woman said. 'Now tell me ..."


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