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U3A Writing: Rocket Man

Maureen Foreman tells with delight of a young Rocket Man.

Rocket Man invaded my house recently. He brought some fellow rocketeers with him. Their language was very hard to understand by any ordinary mature lady like me. A series of shrieks, cabooms, vroo-oo-ms.cazam, and a-a-a-rk were part of the jargon.

They raided the shed for suitable material to use in their mysterious project. They started up the circular saw, then the edger (there was a button pusher in their midst) before snatching some pieces of timber and headed out the door in a flurry of excitement, with me following warning of interfering with dangerous tools.

I was getting rather agitated by then and considered calling for reinforcements, but decided that maybe some food would be acceptable to placate their desire to destroy or investigate everything in sight.

It worked. The best way to a man's heart is through his stomach still holds. They downed tools and did justice to the spread before them.

Rocket man tried to explain the purpose of their visit. His enthusiasm was enormous and his mates offered their views on the theory of rocket power. Personal Rocket Power. Something about a plastic cylinder strapped to their body to propel a person through the air at great speed.

I was exhausted just listening to their ideas. There was talk of Power Raiders, Transformers, Inspector Gadget, etc.

The phone rang and interrupted the discussion on the type of fuel needed for their rockets.

Rocket Man's Mum wanted the boys home right away. Tea was ready. Jonathon's Dad was there to take him home and Josiah was being picked up very soon.

Thank God. Six year olds think anything is possible, but Grandma knows that the next time Joshua, (the Rocket Man) and Ezekial, (the button pusher) come, their interests will be in other areas.

Rocket Man is just a passing phase.


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