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Christmas Every Week: White Christmas

Those who really care about Christmas are not bothered whether or not it is white with snow, says Arnold Kellett’s poem.

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Romantic white Christmas!
Nostalgia supreme;
So rare, yet so longed for,
A Bing Crosby dream.

White Christmas? Who knows?
But one thing's for sure:
No Christmas card scene
For the Friend of the poor.

No home full of comforts
All snug in the snow,
But the simplest of living
Few of us know.

Our cold northern Christmas -
Luxurious within,
Warm sunny Judaea -
No room at the inn.

He was one of the crowd,
Had no easy life
With the rich and the proud.

And if this is our God,
With his love and his light,
Who cares, in the brilliance,
Whether Christmas is white?


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