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Poetry Pleases: Young Dreams

John Ayling tells of the dream of his great-grandchildren.

Robert, who is only six
Asked for a gift, an atlas,
That he might find his way
Around the world
When he becomes a pilot.

My gift he takes with him to bed,
Will not be parted from it,
All day long he studies it,
Preparing for the day when he will fly.

Christopher, his brother, who is eight,
A marine biologist would be,
And so he begged as gift from me
Jules Verne's great story
Of journeys under sea.

At present his ambition is
To own a dinghy,
And with his dad go diving
Beside the Barrier-Reef.

From Australia
They have come to see
The great-grandparents,
My dear wife and me.

Though they so young, and we so old,
there is a done that makes us one,
For we, too, long ago, dreamed dreams
That we have seen fulfilled:

And so today, we understand
Their ambitions, as few others can,
For our young dreams have all come true,
As theirs, we pray, may do.


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