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U3A Writing: Baby In Waiting

Vera Sanderson’s poem encompasses profound sadness and eternal hope.

I swam in a dark velvet sphere
Bathed in the crystal clear water of my mother's womb
An immortal spark of love in life's confusion
In solitude she cradled my swollen globe within her hands
And softly sang her siren songs
Her Lorelei longings, her lullabies
Pregnant with future hope for sight and sound of me
Fondly imagining my hair, my eyes, my face
Caressing, pressing tiny clothes in readiness
Whilst they
Planned to decorate the confines of my future world
With funny animals and tiny clowns and all the brightness
Of a rainbow
And there I lay, gently curved within my cosy nest
Gurgling contentment
Limbs flexing, stretching out to touch my parents -
My protectors...
My sibling bent his ear against my wall and hooted loud
Impatiently demanding how and where and when
I would be freed
And I kicked hard to let him know that
One day, he and I
Would race the meadows, swim the stream, fight and fly
High, high above the clouds in childish fantasy
And all the generations came
To give their benisons
To hug with joy, to know that they
Were immortalised within this tiny miracle
This boy
But it was not to be....

Disaster – trapped in agony – I heard her frantic screams
And felt her clutching hands
To save
Not her, but me
I left my shattered globe, and empty shell
Wrenched from my paradise
Thrust into the world half made
Washed by my mother's tears
Now only sorrowing thoughts replace
This lost addition to the human race
For gentle hands reached down
And gathered up
This small immortal soul
And healed the hurt and made the spirit whole
And cradled in these hands I stay
Throughout all the long eternity
Until the time to come to earth
Until the day of my re-birth.....


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