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North American Dreaming: Capitulation

William Burkholder’s poem expresses the urge to seek a higher path, rather than dragging one’s feet in the valley bottom.

Do visit Bill's Web site where there are lots more poems to enjoy http://www.freewebs.com/nirvanasgate/index.htm

surrender to your life's desire,
have no fear in the ire that may come from it.
Living in despot tutelage,
break free from fettered book and hypocrisy!
Break the cane of blindness,
see once again of insights granted, of insights yet to be.
The search is on, the journey underway,
travelling to find our destiny.
So easy to walk the valley floor, so easy to drag ones feet, a higher path, a higher ideal is what I am searching for. Capitulate; surrender, to all that 1 have known before.


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