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Got The T-Shirt: Car Boot

Steph Spiers conveys the sadder side of what many thousands see as a bargain hunter's paradise.

To read more of Steph's poems please click on http://www.openwriting.com/archives/got_the_tshirt/

Littered with the detritus of other people’s lives
each wonky table a kaleidoscope of memory:
toys a baby threw from its pram
being traded to buy baguettes of ham.

Schoolboys with a come-and-buy look in their eye,
desperate for old Ted to morph into a warrior guy
Polish, Urdu, French and Shelta voices mingle and fade
into the melting pot of common trade.

A bargain is struck over a handshake
by the proud new owner of a ‘vintage’ rake
no doubt made in Taiwan last week
with knock-off DVDs: well worth a peek!

Roly-poly mothers haggle over second-hand shoes
crushing buniony toes into phony Jimmy Choos.
Sad stick-thin girls with pushchairs and straggly locks
counting the pennies for ice-creams and chocs.

Chipped and sorry, a flying Beswick duck all on its own,
and two rows further on another waits sadly alone,
and right at the end on row twenty three,
for 50p, the tiniest duck to reunite all the three.


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