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Poetry Pleases: Memories

Vera Sanderson wrote this poem for her sister as a memorial to their parents who met on Armistice Day, 1918.

Beyond the mists of time a couple stand
Together hand in hand
He, grey, curling hair, blue eyed and proud
Yet, soft and gentle like a summer cloud
Full of laughter

She, plump as an autumn partridge, peach-ed skinned, bright
Sherried eyes, and hair- such hair! - like glowing molten fire
The very spirit of her valiant soul released for all to see...

These are our parents, you and I, and the boy,
Ever waiting there for us with all the joys once known
The joys of home
Whilst we, their children, born in an embrace of love which nought
Can dim
Nor all the years apart
Erase from mind and heart
Work out our life's allotted span

Our world goes cold and thin as winter's day
Two lonely siblings soon to shake away
This mortal coil
And reach for heaven's gate
And go therein...


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