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Fast Fiction: Pipsqueaks

Richard Mallinson tells of a wasted opportunity to get a plentiful supply of free apples.

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'Where'd you get these apples from?'

'Found em.'


'Up at old Bell's place.'

'Any more left?'


'Let's go an get em, then.'

'No, we might be caught.'

'I thought you meant they were free.'

'Well, er ...'

'Come on.'


'Come on, we're taking em back.'

'Hey, what d'you mean?'

'You know what I mean ... Come on, get a move on.'


'And what do you pipsqueaks want?'

'We've brought your apples back, Mr Bell.'

'Oh, that's very kind of you . .. had they run away?'

'Well, he, Reg, my brother... sort of found them.'

'Fell right into his pockets, did they? ... And you're Matt, aren't you? Well, Matt, how's your sister keeping, now that she's married? I haven't seen her for a long time. She used to come up here and visit me. Did she ever tell you that I asked her to marry me? No? Well, I did. I told her to forget about the age difference and think about this house and all this land. You'd think she'd have been tempted, wouldn't you? But not a bit of it. She said she ought to marry somebody her own age. I can't imagine why. And who's she married - a farm labourer, isn't it?'


'Just think,' said Reg on the way home, 'if Sis had married old Bell we wouldn't have had to give the bleedin apples back, would we?'

'Come on, get a move on,' said Matt.


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