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Around The Sun: So Much For Security Guys

Steve Harrison comes off second best in a confontation with a former employee.

Some Khmer guy had been drinking in our bar all night, though I never noticed him.

He had parked his car in front of our place. In a rage he drove the car into the hotel's front door, smashing it from its frame and causing a mess. Then he reversed out, causing an even bigger mess.

Guess what? Our security guys did nothing.

I told them that if the guy came back he should be told that he was banned from the bar, and that he owed us for the damage he had caused.

We sorted through ancient photographs in our staff file. Apparently the guy was a disgruntled ex-member of staff who still bore a grudge. Every member of our staff recognised him.

I repeated my instruction. He was to be told that he had to pay damages.

At 3 am on a Thursday morning I was awoken from sleep. He was back in the bar. Half asleep, I dragged myself downstairs, intending to talk to him. He was with three mates. All four of them had full drinks in front of them.

I was accompanied by all four of our security guards. I put my hand on the guy's shoulder. Like lightning he smashed a full glass of beer over my head.

Blood spouted everywhere. Literally I could not see for blood. My knees buckled. When I came to my senses the guy and his mates had departed.

And yet again my four security guards did nothing.

Off I went to see Dr Gloria, our Australian doctor. She said I did not need an X-ray. "I can see your skull clearly, and it ain't fractured.''

To conclude a gruesome night I received eight stitches in a sore head.

It's lucky that I have a hard head.


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